How to Navigate Holiday Stress in the Workplace

Woman massaging top of nose from stress during holidays with an elf and canes in a package

The holidays are filled with joy and celebration, but for many employees, this season can also be a whirlwind of stress and pressure. Balancing year-end deadlines, personal commitments, and emotional challenges can concoct the perfect storm of anxiety and strain, spilling over into the workplace. Recognizing and managing holiday stress […]

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Be Brave at Work

Recently on the Be Brave At Work podcast, leadership coach, author, speaker and podcast host, Ed Evarts, sat down with Hooray Health’s CEO, Shane Foss, to share stories about showing bravery with creativity and innovation. In this episode, Shane shares his background that led to starting Hooray Health to target […]

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The Current State of Employment

Better Than Before with Tony Richards, a Business Leaders Podcast, recently interviewed Hooray Health’s Founder and CEO, Shane Foss. In this podcast, Tony and Shane talk about the current state of employment as it relates to the healthcare industry as a whole and Hooray Health. Learn more and listen to […]

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Insuring the Working Class

In a recent The Insurance Marketing Podcast, Hooray Health’s Founder and CEO Shane Foss shares with podcast host, Seth Greene, Hooray Health’s process of providing low-cost benefits to their clients. Shane also discusses the inspiration to start Hooray Health and how broker relationships funnel affordable medical care to their clients. […]

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