Hooray Benefit Plans

Quality, Convenient Healthcare Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank!

At Hooray Health, our highest priority is providing employers with innovative, cost-effective benefits coverage solutions that give employees access to the reliable care they need—when they need it!

Hooray Health Benefit Plans

With a Hooray Health Benefit Plan, members get affordable medical care that also protects them from excessive out-of-pocket expenses. Coverage is available for the whole family!

Hooray Health Network Highlights

Best Value

First Health Network

Extra Network Savings

If a member has an illness or injury that requires more than a visit to a Retail Clinic or Urgent Care Center in the Hooray Health Network, they can use other providers. The First Health Nationwide Network provides access to specialists and primary care providers that will provide a range of inpatient and outpatient services at special contracted rates.

The First Health Network is an NCQA accredited PPO network with:

5,100+ hospitals

110,000+ ancillary facilities

695,000+ professional providers at more than 1 million healthcare service locations

Access to providers in all 50 states

96% of the US population is within 20 miles of a First Health Network Provider

It’s All in the App!

With our easy-to-use mobile app, members can locate providers, search for discounted prescriptions, and use any of our 24-hour services.

The Hooray Health App is available in the Apple Store and Google Play!

NEW! An Innovative Coverage Option Now Available... Just for Dependents

Hooray Health’s Dependent Only product serves the needs of employees who’ve been provided group health by their employer but can’t afford group health coverage for their dependents. Hooray Health plans can be offered just to dependents, while employees remain on comprehensive medical!

With Dependent Only Coverage from Hooray Health, our plans:


Estimated Cost:



$25 Copay

at 4,000+ Hooray Health Retail Clinics & Urgent Care Centers
(No Balance Bills)*


$0 Telemedicine and Consults



Accident Coverage

$0 Deductible


Prescription Savings

WellCall360 provides members with quick and easy access to convenient and affordable healthcare services—from anywhere! WellCall360 members also save BIG on prescriptions, as well as dental and vision services.
Members can cover their entire family for less than $30 per month!

$0 Telemedicine

Quality care from anywhere! Speak with a physician via phone or video and get treated for everything from a cold/flu to sinus and ear infections, stomach viruses, and more.

Discounts on Prescription Drugs

Get significant savings on prescription drugs with no limits on use! Quickly locate the best price for a medication using the WellCall360 App.

Discounts on Dental Services

WellCall360 provides members with access to dental providers who offer significant discounts for common dental services.

Discounts on Vision Services

Pay less for glasses, contact lenses, and eye exams! With the WellCall360 App, members can locate the best price for vision services—all convenient to where they are.

Discounts on Vision Services

Pay less for glasses, contact lenses, and eye exams! With the WellCall360 App, members can locate the best price for vision services—all convenient to where they are.

Members can access their benefits in seconds with the free WellCall360 App!

Deductible Relief Plans

A Non-Coordinating Gap Benefit

Payments for accidents and everyday medical expenses that deductibles do not cover.

Out-of-pocket medical expenses can be a challenge for employees as deductibles and other cost-sharing have increased. Even common expenses, if rendered in the wrong setting, can be seemingly insurmountable.

Simple and affordable, Hooray Health’s Deductible Relief Plans (DRP) are designed to help members pay for medical expenses related to illness and injury that deductibles do not cover.

Coverage Highlights

Nationwide Hooray Health Provider Network

Visit any Retail Clinic or Urgent Care facility in the Hooray Health Network and pay only a $25 copay, with no balance bills.*

Inpatient Hospital Payments 

The plan pays inpatient hospital benefits such as hospital admission, surgery and anesthesia. For example, a hospital admission pays a benefit from $750-$1,000 if a member is confined to a hospital due to sickness.

Physician Office Visit Payment 

The plan pays a fixed $175 payment if a member visits a physician outside of the Hooray Health Network.

Accident Medical Care Reimbursement

The plan provides reimbursement of $2,500 to $3,500 for reasonable and customary medical expenses incurred for care and treatment of an injury with no deductible.

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