Caring for the Uninsured Podcast

In a recent Money Savage MAXIMIZE Podcast, Hooray Health’s Founder and CEO Shane Foss and podcast host George Grombacher talked about how almost 20% of Americans don’t have health insurance, what can be done about it, and how employers can help their employees. Learn more and listen to the full […]

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Highway to Health Podcast

In a recent Highway to Health Podcast, Hooray Health’s Founder and CEO Shane Foss joined podcast host Jeremy Quinby for a discussion about the insurance system in the U.S. They discuss why the system is ultimately failing consumers and leading to such high levels of personal bankruptcy. Shane also shares […]

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From Blue Oceans to Hooray Health with Shane Foss

The Healthcare #QualityCast podcast, From #Blue Oceans to #HoorayHealth, featuring Shane Foss, #CEO, #Entrepreneur, and a #Healthcare Industry Disrupter. Here in Episode #125, Shane shares where it all started and how his love for healthcare and benefits came to be.   Hooray Health offers a peace of mind to lower-income […]

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