Cost and accessibility of healthcare coverage continues to be an issue for agents and their clients

The problems facing healthcare and healthcare coverage have been growing like the country’s population, with some of the most significant issues for many American’s being the cost and accessibility of their healthcare coverage when they need it.

In fact, between 2011 and 2020, healthcare costs are expected to rise more than 60 percent of their current value. This reality could bring a family’s total annual healthcare costs to nearly $25,000 annually; a cost that’s out of most people’s price range with most working adults in the United States making less than $50,000 per year.

At the same time as healthcare costs are taking larger and larger portions of working Americans incomes, job-based insurance plans are offering working adults less and less financial protection with per-person deductibles doubling from 2003-2011.

And when those who have coverage choose to seek care, they can wait for days or even weeks before they can see their primary care physician or spend hours waiting in the emergency room where those insured run the risk of accumulating out of pocket costs if an improper change of care occurs. All for a visit where the patient will spend less than 30 minutes with a physician.

But as these issues continue to occur in the lives of American’s in and out of the healthcare field, people are out there looking for a solution to these growing problems.

On an individual level, millennials are causing a change in the healthcare field with their wallets. The RAND Corporation has published 12 studies, surveying over 1 million retail clinics, and concluded that although millennials lag behind seniors and baby boomers regarding visits to primary care physicians, they make up nearly half of the patients at retail clinics.

The reason behind why young adults are choosing retail clinics and urgent care centers seems to be clear; they are a fast, convenient place to receive care when you don’t have an established primary care physician or chronic conditions that require consistent attention. In addition, these clinics meet their high demand for easy access and speed of care with no appointments needed at most facilities and wait times averaging under a half hour, less than half the average wait time of a PCP office. And when they need care on the go, the number of options for retail clinics and urgent care facilities far outnumber other treatment options.

On an industry level, companies like Hooray Health are working to answer glaring healthcare issues and the rising demand for accessible and convenient care while finding solutions to roadblocks like affordability and simplicity for individuals and businesses alike.

With a network of more than 2,500 retail clinic and urgent care facilities in their network, Hooray Health can offer alternative and supplemental healthcare coverage with low monthly premiums and no annual deductibles. Members can have their acute injuries and illnesses treated at in-network provider locations in more than 40 states, where they receive care for just a $25 copay.

When members are unable to make it to one of Hooray Health’s in-network providers, Hooray Health offers members quick and convenient service through their mobile app. From the app, members can contact member support, medical concierge, and telemedicine services; all of which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These services can answer members plan questions, find provider locations, or triage and consult their condition with a U.S. board certified physician right over the phone who will send them to the nearest appropriate provider or call in their prescriptions directly to the pharmacy for more acute illnesses. And once at the pharmacy, Hooray Health members enjoy discounted prescriptions through Hooray’s prescription discount program.

Though through their work, Hooray Health has made other aspects of healthcare coverage easier than previously imagined, especially selling.

    Hooray Health plans offer such an extraordinary value for their cost that health insurance agents across the country are adding their plans to their portfolio to provide their clients healthcare options they’ve never seen before. Options that are simple, affordable, and accessible, with no confusing jargon to get in the way of the treatment they require. Their plans allow association members and businesses a chance to offer their employers basic and comprehensive medical coverage that they don’t have to worry about using.

And as a result, Hooray Health continues to grow; adding more utility to their plans for health insurance agents to sell. Whether the growth is a larger network, better prices, or added utility and access, Americans and insurance agents benefit from the innovations; and that’s worth cheering about.  

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A Note from CEO Shane Foss

“Hooray Health’s ancillary benefits are designed to enhance employee care with the coverage that matters most. Instead of breaking the bank on expensive and unnecessary options, Hooray puts employee needs first at the lowest cost possible. It’s the best way we’ve found to support average Americans afford quality care.
If you’re curious about how Hooray Health can support your team, click the link below and you can set up a call with Christopher White, our Director of Strategic Consulting, for a brief introductory call.”