Hooray for employers

Comprehensive Medical too Costly?

There is finally an affordable, easy-to-access benefits solution that protects your bottom line while offering employees access to quality, reliable care.

At Hooray Health, we understand that the price of healthcare is out of control. As costs continue to soar, it becomes increasingly more difficult for employers to offer a benefit solution that is fiscally responsible for their business, while also meeting the healthcare needs of employees and their families. With Hooray Health, you get both!

Our innovative coverage solutions are specifically designed to provide full-time, variable hour, part-time, and contingent workforces with the affordable, convenient care they need, when they need it.  

$25 Copay at In-Network Facilities with No Balance Bills*

$0 Telemedicine and Consults

Nationwide Network of 4,000+ Retail Clinics and Urgent Care Centers

Facilities Open Nights and Weekends, No-Appointments Necessary

Prescription Savings

Simple Plans, Seamless Implementation

Hooray Health is Ideal for:

Traditional Employers​
Uninsured Employees (Both Full and Part-timers)​
Staffing Firms
High Turnover Groups
Supplemental Gap

Why is Hooray Health an ideal partner?

For You

For Your employees

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