Hooray Health CEO Talks Health Insurance Alternatives on Blog Talk Radio

Join our Founder, and CEO Shane Foss as he talks about how Hooray Health is changing the healthcare industry with healthcare alternatives on Blog Talk Radio’s DriveThru HR Podcast

Hooray Health’s Founding

Shane Foss started Hooray Health based on his own experiences with healthcare. Often, Shane found himself receiving balance bills for services that could’ve been included in his initial payment and realized he couldn’t be the only one facing this issue. And he was right, discovering that 1 in 5 Americans have been sent to collections for an unpaid medical bill of less than $600.

It was from there that he dedicated his efforts to solve the core issues of healthcare. What he created was a transparent network of highly-accessible providers who would treat patients for one low payment, where members wouldn’t have to worry about receiving a balance bill after.

After the successful creation of the Hooray Health Network, Shane built a diverse team of like-minded individuals who specialize in insurance, employer benefits, provider contracting, and technology to solve today’s healthcare issues with vision and passion.

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