How to Maintain Your New Years Health Resolutions

It’s the turn of a new decade, and the 2020s are here. And with the coming of the new year, people all over the world are looking to improve their lives and make this next year the best one yet, filled with fun, experiences, and good health.  

Though quickly into the new year, resolutions begin to fall by the wayside with the first casualty being one’s health.  

Quickly, good health in the new year resolutioners begin to drop off and disappear from the gyms while the ink on their contracts still dry.  

But, how can you prevent this new year’s burn out?  

A few of the more obvious vital areas to focus on include diet, exercise, water intake. But, other essential components of long-term good health like moderation and consistency create the key to remaining healthy all year-round.  


The key to a healthy diet doesn’t need to be complicated. Cutting carbs, carb loading, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, keto, and the newest and maybe silliest diet, carnivore diet, aren’t the sole key to success and like most of the answer in life, lies somewhere in the middle.  

Unless you’re allergic or in need of a particular diet to accommodate an illness or condition, there’s no immediate need to cut anything out of your diet.  

Maintaining a diet primarily based on vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean meats while monitoring your calorie intake to meet your weight loss goals will prove to be more valuable for your health than any specific diet. And with so many apps to help you track your fitness and caloric goals, there’s no reason to not be on top of your body’s intake and output.  


The Department of Health and Human Services advises completing at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic workouts each week, in addition to full-body strength training twice per week.  

These benchmarks can be hit with or without a gym membership. They can be as affordable or expensive as you’d wish. However, the best advice would be to find an activity that you love and can see yourself participating in five or more times a week. Being able to maintain a stable routine will best suit your yearly fitness goals. 

Drink Water 

Early we said you don’t have to eliminate items from your diet to be healthy, which is true! But, cutting soda intake and switching to tea or a zero-calorie alternative can save you a lot of daily calories, plus adding in additional water can be excellent for your skin, digestive system, and blood pressure.  

It’s recommended the average adult consume at least a half-gallon or eight-8oz glasses of water a day with more active individuals require up to a gallon or more per day.  


Up to this point, we’ve made a lot of improvements to your diet, fitness routine, and drinking habits. But, without some breaks, it’s more likely that people will veer from health and move toward excess and sedation.  

Though, one can avoid these pitfalls be enjoying vices in moderation. Having a reasonable cheat meal once a week can be useful for your diet and help you stay on track. Even having a couple of glasses of alcohol at night or with a meal and can help add to your overall health.  


Like all good things in life, a healthy diet is worth working towards. And staying on the path requires persistence. Eat your fruits and veggies, enjoy your chicken and seafood, have a steak, drink a beer, and have an ice cream cone now and then. Life is short. Please make the most out of it by having fun, staying active, and fueling your body to keep doing so. In the end, you’ll have a long, healthy life filled with happy memories and experiences. And that’s all anyone wants out of 2020. 

Happy New Year! 

Hooray Health wishes you all the best.  

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