How To Protect Your Skin This Summer

As many know, summer can be the best time to get outside and have some fun with those you care about. Food, water, sports, and most importantly good weather and sun can turn any summer day into an instant vacation. But without the proper preparation, a good time can turn into serious health concerns as many opt out of protecting their skin and they join in on the summer activities.

Those who skip out on protecting their skin from the summer sun can suffer from premature aging such as wrinkles and dark spots, and in worst cases cancer with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reporting about 65,500 people were diagnosed with skin cancer in 2011 (more than any other cancer), and just over 9,000 people died from skin cancer related complications that year. So to keep you and your skin healthy as we head into the peak of summer, Hooray Health has put together a list of tips to keep you safe.

Use Sun Screen

This seems like the obvious answer, but there are still so many people who don’t use sun screen while doing summer outdoor activities. You’ve heard it before, you are supposed to wear sunscreen all day, every day, no matter the weather because the sun can affect your skin even on cloudy days or at night. And you certainly wear it when you go to the beach, go for a hike, picnic all day in the sun. But, still each year more and more people end up in the ER for sunburn that could’ve been prevented.

Make sure you use a spectrum of protection for your body, faces, lips and scalp, with 30 SPF or higher and water resistance. You want to make sure that you complete your first application 30 minutes before going outside and that you reapply every 2 hours for the best results.

Watch Out for Reflection

Not only standing in the sun will cause your skin to get damaged, reflective surfaces such as water and sand, make it even easier for your skin to be affected by the suns ultra violet rays. Limiting your time around these surfaces or avoiding them completely can lessen your chance of you catching a sun burn that will cause long term damage to your skin.

Have it Made in the Shade

In addition to sunscreen, you should make sure to stay under cover as much as possible. Umbrellas, tents, and hats all make for great shade options when in a pinch. The break from the sun will feel nice on your skin while still allowing you to hang out outside and enjoy the summer fun.

Watch Your Time

Lastly, making sure your are aware of what time you will be in the sun is an excellent way to protect your skin this summer. Peak time for skin damage from sun rays is between 11:00am and 3:00pm. Planning ahead and making sure you schedule your activities before or after these times will give you the best chance to avoid any unwanted skin problems.

As always, being proactive about your skin and health in general will give you the best chance of avoid major medical problems that increase with summer activities. Hooray Health would like to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July Weekend and a happy and healthy summer!



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