Join Shane Foss and Abel Travis on The Insurance Innovators Unscripted Podcast Ep. 95

Shane Foss joins the Insurance Innovators Unscripted Podcast to speak with Abel Travis about creating innovation and Hooray Health’s focus on making health care and insurance transparent.

Shane and Abel also discuss the healthcare industry in terms of creating a world where health insurance makes sense, making health insurance accessible and affordable, introducing transparency in health care and insurance costs, and legacy technology challenges regarding Innovation.

What We Believe

We believe health care coverage is too expensive and complicated. Hooray Health will change that.

Hooray Health is a company dedicated to providing affordable basic healthcare services for everyday medical needs utilizing our national network of retail clinics and urgent care providers. In so doing, we will provide peace of mind for medical challenges facing members and their families. Our plans create opportunities for employers to offer cost-effective benefits that can increase talent recruitment and decrease employee turnover.

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