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At Hooray Health, our highest priority is ensuring that you and your family can access routine and urgent care when you need it!

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Our Mobile App Guide

Our mobile app is an essential tool for getting the most out of your Hooray Health plan! View the guide below for tips on how to locate a nearby provider, call telemedicine, and find the lowest cost prescription near you.

Where Do I Go To Access Care?

How to Access Virtual Care (Telemedicine)
$0 Copay Virtual Care

As a Hooray Health Member, you have access to $0 virtual urgent care visits 24/7/365. If your plan includes virtual primary care, you can schedule an ongoing appointment for medications and management with a primary care physician. You can contact virtual providers through the Hooray Health App or call 855-673-2876.

How to Use Hooray Health Network
$25 copay Retail Clinics and Urgent Care Centers

As a Hooray Health member, you have access to the Hooray Health network for $25 copay Retail Clinics and Urgent Care Centers for every day illness and sickness. Find a Hooray Health in-network provider via the Hooray Health App or at

Retail Clinics (i.e. CVS MinuteClinic, Concentra, Nextcare) are located within retail stores and provide services to treat minor illnesses and injuries, such as fevers, colds, rashes, bumps, and scrapes. Urgent Care Centers provide services similar to what you will find at your primary care provider’s office, such as x-rays, labs, and more. Urgent Care Centers save you the trouble of working around your doctor’s schedule.

How to Use First Health Network
Discounted Primary Care and Specialist Network
The First Health Network provides access to specialists and primary care providers that provide services at special contracted rates exclusively for Hooray Health members in addition to any fixed amount your plan pays to the First Health Network Providers. If you are enrolled in a MEC Plan, 100% of the ACA preventive services are covered through a First Health Network provider. You can easily find a provider via the mobile app or at
What Should I Do if My Provider Doesn't Recognize My ID Card?
Due to high staff turnover nationwide in the medical field, the front desk representative may not be familiar with Hooray Health when you call or visit. Some may state they do not accept the coverage. If this happens, don’t worry! We have put together an easy step-by-step guide for how this can be handled quickly so you get the care you need either at a Hooray Health Network Provider or a First Health Network Provider.

Download the Provider Guide now
How to Search for Discounted Prescriptions***

Don’t overpay for prescriptions! Hooray Health Members can search for prescription discount prices and locations easily with the mobile app. You can search and view the least expensive and closest location for specific prescriptions you need.

View the Hooray Health Member Guide

Your Hooray Health Member Guide contains everything you need to know about your benefit plan. The guide includes information like important phone numbers, plan features, member FAQs, and much more.

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