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Reliable, Convenient, Affordable, Healthcare

With a Hooray Health Benefit Plan, you can always rest assured knowing that quality, affordable healthcare is never far away.

At Hooray Health, our highest priority is YOU and ensuring that you and your family can access the everyday and urgent medical care you need, when you need it! We also believe that you should be protected from excessive out-of-pocket expenses if you or a family member gets sick or injured.

With affordable benefit coverage solutions designed specifically for full-time, variable hour, part time and contingent workers, we’re here to take the stress out of accessing healthcare. 

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Hooray Health Benefit Plan Highlights

Hooray Health Network

$25 Copay Network

Access a Retail Clinic or Urgent Care Center near you for everyday illness and injury. Pay only $25 with no surprise medical bills following your visit.*  You can search for a provider at Select “Hooray Health Network.”

First Health Network

Expanded Provider Network

If you have an illness or injury greater than a retail clinic or urgent care center or want to visit one outside of the Hooray Health Network, you also have access to providers in the First Health Network, where you can receive discounts on services for injuries or illnesses**. You can search for a provider at Select “First Health Network.” 


$0 Consults

If you’d rather see a provider from the comfort of your own home, your Hooray Health Benefit Plan also includes $0 Telemedicine services that are available 24/7/365. Please refer to your member ID card to connect with Telemedicine.

Prescription Discounts


Need a prescription? No problem! Use the Hooray Health App to locate the closest and least-expensive pharmacy. 

Access Your Benefits with the Hooray Health App!

The Hooray Health Mobile App puts quality healthcare in the palm of your hand. Download the app for FREE now in the Apple Store or Google Play! 

24/7 Telemedicine 

Speak with a doctor anytime, as often as you’d like, for free. 

Member Support 

Connect with a qualified team member to assist with plan questions or updates. 

Provider Locator 

Search for, select, and navigate to nearby in-network providers.

Prescription Savings 

Compare medication costs at local pharmacies and save more with reliable discounts. 

How to Use Your Hooray Health Benefit Plan

Once you’re enrolled in a Hooray Health Benefit Plan, using your benefits is easy. Click the play button to learn more!

As a WellCall360 member, you have quick and easy access to quality, convenient, and affordable healthcare services—from anywhere! You’ll also save BIG on prescriptions, as well as dental and vision services!
Your WellCall360 plan includes:


$0 Telemedicine

Quality care from anywhere! Speak with a physician via phone or video and get treated for everything from a cold/flu to sinus and ear infections, stomach viruses, and more.

$0 Behavioral Health

Speak one-on-one with a qualified professional to cope with personal and family distress issues including depression, stress, anxiety, addiction, abuse, loss, or trauma.

Discounts on Prescription Drugs

Get significant savings on prescription drugs with no limits on use! Quickly locate the best price for a medication using the WellCall360 App.

Discounts on Dental Services

WellCall360 provides members with access to dental providers who offer significant discounts for common dental services.

Discounts on Vision Services

Pay less for glasses, contact lenses, and eye exams! With the WellCall360 App, members can locate the best price for vision services—all convenient to where they are. 

It’s all in the palm of your hands with the WellCall360 Mobile App! Download for FREE now!

Contact Hooray Health

If you have questions or need assistance accessing or using your benefits, the friendly and knowledgeable Hooray Health team is always here to help!

Hooray Health Member Support

(866) 746-6729
Available Monday-Friday from 8:00am-8:00pm CST


Please refer to your member ID card to connect with Telemedicine.

Hooray Health Member Portal

Provider Search

Prescription Discount

(800) 407-8156 (Well Rx)