Over ¼ of American Adults Struggle with Healthcare Affordability

A Look Into the Solution with CEO Shane Foss


For many Americans, access to zero-deductible affordable health coverage isn’t an option, especially for low- and middle-income families. In fact, 27% of adults face at least one healthcare affordability challenge every year.1 That’s why Hooray Health is on a mission to solve the healthcare affordability problem by engineering solutions to alleviate cost burdens. We understand the landscape of healthcare accessibility and make it a point to implement proactive, tangible measures that extend beyond simply acknowledging the problem.


The Pervasive Issue of Healthcare Affordability


A recent study published by Health Affairs has revealed what the Hooray Health team has known for quite a while: nearly half of US adults face healthcare affordability issues like high out-of-pocket costs, medical debt, delayed care, and forgone care due to financial strain.1

The main culprit? Inadequate insurance coverage. The lack of access to affordable care amplifies the urgency for inclusive policies and initiatives that address our country’s multi-faceted affordability problem. Cost burdens, medical debt, and even geographical barriers to care are higher among low-income individuals and families. This emphasizes the need for a solution to the systemic care intervention problem.


Hooray Health’s Innovative Solutions


Our commitment lies in crafting innovative solutions that break barriers and clear a path to affordable healthcare. As CEO of Hooray Health, I’m proud to lead a team prioritizing simplicity and affordability throughout the care journey.


A $25 Global Services Copay

Hooray Health $25 Global Copay including: X-Ray taken, X-Ray read, Lab Drawn, Lab performed in facility is but out of facility is not, Steroid Injection Therapy, Hydration therapy, Diagnostic Ultra sound, Doctor Visit | Figure 1

Our members never have to worry about balance bills, and we are consistently working to grow our network each month. As figure 1 represents, Hooray Health offers a $25 global copay for all our members that covers appointments at Hooray Health in-network urgent care centers, X-rays, labs, and others like these:


No- and Low-Cost Services

We offer zero-cost virtual urgent care and primary care provider visits. Additionally, our members can access $0 and $5 Rx prescriptions on Minimal Essential Coverage (MEC) plans. Hooray Health covers CDC-identified top health needs and top medical debt drivers with no deductibles, with or without MEC.


Hooray Health proprietary Urgent Care / Retail Clinic Network (Hooray Health network available in all of the top 100 msa's): $25 Copay @4,700+ network locations, 47 states with retail clinics & urgent cares in-network, 25+ new locations per month

Additional Coverage Perks

Proving comprehensive benefits beyond standard offerings can greatly impact how you attract and retain clients. These additional coverage perks signify a commitment to employee well-being, an overall value prop for brokers and the groups they represent.
Mobile view of the HoorayHealth App
  • 100% Reasonable and Customary (R&C) Accident Benefits
  • Easy-to-use Mobile App for Timely, Low-Cost, & Quality Care Options
  • Simple Quote Processes & No Medical Underwriting


Creating a More Affordable, Healthier Future for Americans



Our advocacy extends beyond insurance plans. We actively work with healthcare providers nationwide to negotiate fair and reasonable pricing. This allows us to pass cost savings directly to our members across the country. Our commitment to care affordability has broken geographical barriers and added convenience for members, enabling them to seek timely and close-to-them medical assistance and reducing long-term care costs on all fronts.


We are proud to offer affordable care options in over 4,700 network locations across 47 states, with new locations added monthly.



Additionally, we provide access to educational material to help members better understand their health and coverage details on our resources page. Our team is always here to support our broker partners in delivering a better care experience to members. Reach out to us at


Be well,

Shane Foss' Headshot


Shane Foss,

CEO of Hooray Health



A Note from CEO Shane Foss

“Hooray Health’s ancillary benefits are designed to enhance employee care with the coverage that matters most. Instead of breaking the bank on expensive and unnecessary options, Hooray puts employee needs first at the lowest cost possible. It’s the best way we’ve found to support average Americans afford quality care.
If you’re curious about how Hooray Health can support your team, click the link below and you can set up a call with Christopher White, our Director of Strategic Consulting, for a brief introductory call.”