PODCAST RECAP: CEO Shane Foss Speaks on Healthcare and Hooray Health

In a world where the traditional employer-sponsored healthcare system is leading to gaps in coverage for the average American, Hooray Health’s founder and CEO, Shane Foss, takes center stage to address the issue head-on. As a guest speaker on The Art of Improvement podcast, hosted by Karen Clauss, Shane recently shed light on Hooray Health’s mission to make quality healthcare accessible to all.


He begins his guest appearance by explaining exactly what Hooray Health is—a health benefits improvement company that offers affordable supplemental plan options to full and part-time workers.


Later in the podcast episode, Shane explains why he founded Hooray Health after a back injury that needed medical attention, “I went into an urgent care because that’s the most convenient place to go.” After paying a $75 copay and undergoing procedures to rectify the issue, he left, thinking it would be the last he would have to worry about it. After all, he had already paid his copay. However, three weeks later, he received a balance bill requesting a significant amount of money.


Because of his experience, Shane knew it was vital to go beyond the conventional boundaries of insurance. Plans for just $60 a month make it possible for Hooray Health members to be safe from surprise or unexpected balance bills, creating a financial safety net for those who actively avoid medical help because of fear of costs. This, along with a $25 global services copay at Hooray Health Network Urgent Care Centers and Retail Clinics, helps Shane fulfill a second mission: to stay committed to the financial health and well-being of each person covered under a Hooray Health plan. Hooray Health doesn’t just protect against high medical bills; it also shields the under and uninsured population from crippling debt that often follows in the wake of healthcare expenses.


The simple truth is that the healthcare landscape is shifting, and a growing number of individuals are finding themselves without coverage. Many are opting out of employer-provided plans because of high premiums. It was this realization that propelled Shane to create a solution that would put the power of healthcare back into the hands of the people.


In part to Shane’s innovative mindset, Hooray Health has built its own provider network and a carefully curated selection of around 50% of Urgent Care Centers and Retail Clinics nationwide. The accessibility of these facilities offers a level of convenience that is simply unmatched.


To learn more about Shane Foss’s journey to innovation, listen to the podcast now:


About The Art of Improvement:

Karen Clauss hosts a podcast focused on others. Every episode of The Art of Improvement lends itself to helping share practical advice with an audience of listeners hoping to improve their lives. Karen’s focused interviews allow conversations that remain educational and interesting.

A Note from CEO Shane Foss

“Hooray Health’s ancillary benefits are designed to enhance employee care with the coverage that matters most. Instead of breaking the bank on expensive and unnecessary options, Hooray puts employee needs first at the lowest cost possible. It’s the best way we’ve found to support average Americans afford quality care.
If you’re curious about how Hooray Health can support your team, click the link below and you can set up a call with Christopher White, our Director of Strategic Consulting, for a brief introductory call.”