Reconstructing Healthcare Podcast

In this episode of #ReconstructingHealthcare, @MichaelMenerey introduces @ShaneFoss, the #founder, and #CEO of #HoorayHealth. Hooray Health leverages a #Retail Clinic and #UrgentCare Provider Network built for Individual and Group #limitedmedicalinsuranceplans. Shane has more than twenty years of tenure as an #executive in the #medicalindustry and it was through this work, he became frustrated with the healthcare options in America.

Hooray Health focuses on a segment of the population that is often overlooked when it comes to #healthcare – #part-timeemployees and low-income earners – and makes it so basic coverage is accessible, affordable, and easy for employers and employees alike. Plus, Hooray Health is easy to deploy and makes joining a seamless experience for Agents/Brokers and #largecorporations.