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Get quick answers to frequently asked questions about Hooray Health products and services.

How do I locate providers in the Hooray Health Network?

Providers can be found using the “Provider Look-Up” feature on the Hooray Health App, by going to

What is the cost of a Retail Clinic or Urgent Care visit?

A Member will pay a $25 copay for a visit to a Retail Clinic or Urgent Care Center that is in the Hooray Health network. The Member will not receive a balance bill or additional charges for covered procedures at Hooray Health Network Providers.* 

What is the Hooray Health Mobile App, and what features does it offer members?

The Hooray Health mobile app is free to download in the App Store and Google Play for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. The Hooray Health Mobile App gives Members the ability to:

Are Hooray Health Plans considered comprehensive health insurance plans, i.e. major medical plans?

No. Hooray Health plans are categorized as fixed indemnity insurance plans. The plan pays a pre-determined amount on an annual basis, regardless of the total charges incurred. The accident insurance reimburses medical expenses in connection with accidental injuries.

Can members stay on a Hooray Health Plan after their employment is terminated?

Currently, Hooray Health does not offer continuing coverage after employment termination. However, Hooray Health does offer an alternative solution, called WellCall360 and can be viewed at

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