The Future of Home Care in Healthcare

The future of healthcare continues to grow and evolve with every passing year. And as the technology that benefits the healthcare industry continues to improve so do the options to utilize healthcare technology outside of the doctor’s office.

One of the most interesting technologies that could improve the accessibility of home care is 5G technology, the fastest communication technology ever created. Beginning in large, metropolitan areas, 5G communication technology is making its way into the most rural parts of the country.

As of right now, the availability for 5G in-home care isn’t as accessible as some would like, but as the expansion continues the possibilities for its utilization seem vast with the proper focus and increased investment into the technology by providers.

A healthcare blog titled, 5G: The Driving Force of Future Healthcare stated that:

“With 5G, home healthcare will gain traction. Services like monitoring, therapeutic, and rehabilitative services will be possible at home. According to Statista, the global healthcare device market will be worth $4.3 billion in 2019, and by 2021 the market will be a whopping $17.8 billion. Patients with chronic diseases will take advantage of these smart tools. Smart wearables provide relevant information to the nurses and doctors in real time to take appropriate action in an emergency.”

In cases of an emergency, 5G can prepare hospitals with real-time updates on patient status and needs based on images and updates sent by paramedics. The informed team can be prepped and ready to go, saving crucial time in rural areas.

And with the proper investment, this technology can expand into different facets of home care and improve the lives of elderly and disabled Americans in every part of the country. Improvements in technology like 5G are disrupting industry standards for the better, making healthcare more accessible than ever before, and that’s worth cheering about!

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