Healthcare Plight of Single Parents

The Healthcare Plight of Single Parents

In the United States, there are more than 13 million Americans working hard to make life as a single parent work. Of those 13 million single parents, 82.2% are women, and 17.8% are men (or about 1 in every six men). These folks are hard-working, with 76% of single mothers being gainfully employed and 85.1% of single fathers having full-time employment. 

But, despite most single parents being employed fulltime, the available funds to cover the cost of healthcare and healthcare coverage is something that still alludes them to this day. In a recent census, over 35% of single parents receive their health coverage from Medicaid and 14.6% state that they don’t have any health coverage at all.  

In some instances, single parents can look into free health coverage for their child(ren) from a program like Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). These programs differ from state to state with varying requirements but typically offer a free or low-cost coverage options for low-income households. Some of these programs even provide parents themselves coverage if they have a single income and at least one dependent.  

Those that don’t qualify for coverage through programs like CHIP or Medicaid may still be eligible for payment assistance while purchasing coverage through the government marketplace. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) 26 million Americans could qualify for tax credits, while others might be eligible to receive even further assistance through subsidies. Here, the government directly pays the insurance company a portion of the monthly cost to lower the overall premium for the consumer.  

But, not everyone qualifies for this sort of payment assistance on coverage, and with multiple levels of coverage to choose from, some parents may still have difficulty paying for a plan that has enough coverage to protect them from damaging medical bills in the future. So, what else is there to do? 

Thankfully, with each passing day more is being done to improve the lives of others by allowing Americans easier access to quality medical care and coverage. In Congress, reform is being pushed to increase pricing transparency and make healthcare more affordable for those on a tight budget. In the private sector, companies like Hooray Health are disrupting industry standards by offering individuals, families, and employers, low-cost supplemental and alternative coverage options, that are as easy to afford as they are accessible.  

Hooray Health offers single parents the option to cover themselves and their child for a low monthly premium, with guaranteed acceptance and fast coverage. Through their Individual + Child(ren) plan, Hooray Health members receive treatment from a network of more than 3,500 industry-leading retail clinic and urgent care centers located across the United States. They also offer no-copay telemedicine options, an interactive mobile app, no annual deductibles, $25 copays and no surprise balance bills when being treated by an in-network provider. Additionally, Hooray Health has premium and plus versions of their plans that can include critical illness benefits and a limited stay in the ICU, making them an intriguing option for single parents on a budget.  

Companies like Hooray Health will push industry standards in the future. With more and more efforts being made to make healthcare affordable for everyone, current industry leaders will be forced to adapt or succumb to competition.  All of which make a future where everyone has access to quality health care a little more tangible, and that’s something worth cheering about.  

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A Note from CEO Shane Foss

“Hooray Health’s ancillary benefits are designed to enhance employee care with the coverage that matters most. Instead of breaking the bank on expensive and unnecessary options, Hooray puts employee needs first at the lowest cost possible. It’s the best way we’ve found to support average Americans afford quality care.
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