The Present and Future of Wearable Healthcare Technology

Technology of all forms plays a large role in the healthcare industry. When technology advances, the healthcare industry benefits. From telemedicine to AI assisted surgery, technology has and will continue to pave the way for better healthcare.

One form of healthcare technology that has been increasing in the last decade has been wearable healthcare technology. The most common among these wearable monitors are digital wrist watches or fitness trackers like Apple Watches and Fitbits, but can be as advanced as a wearable patch or a pill-sized device that can be swallowed by the user.

They can inform doctors of a patient’s well being by collecting data regarding the patient’s heart rate, physical activity, the quality of sleep they receive, and in fields like cardiology, devices can monitor blood pressure, breathing patterns and blood glucose levels. These finding may assist medical providers with the proper guidance to accurate diagnose ailments and provide proper treatment while increasing the speed of a patient’s recovery and overall satisfaction.

Though there is still much to be discovered about this budding technology the future looks promising. Advancement in wearable healthcare technology can lead to direct patient care while away from the doctor’s office. In the future, monitoring devices can be used to close the gaps in care, providing doctors with patient info in real time and can even assist physicians involved in telemedicine services accurately diagnose and treat patients without any face to face contact.

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