Walmart Care Clinic and Hooray Health are Bringing Americans Affordable Care

Hooray Health is proud to announce that we will be working with the largest company in the United States to offer our members access to 19 Walmart Care Clinics in Georgia, South Carolina, and Texas.

“To work with Walmart Care Clinics is to align with a brand people know and trust,” said Shane Foss, Founder, and CEO of Hooray Health. “A place where people know they can receive that same quality clinical products and services as more expensive retailer clinics at a price they can afford. And that’s what Hooray Health is all about.”

Walmart Care Clinics offer Hooray Health members a safe and comfortable environment where they can receive treatment for their acute injuries and illnesses by Walmart Care Clinic’s knowledgeable staff of medical professionals without the hassle or cost of a primary care doctor’s office or emergency room visit.

With the help of our friends at Walmart Care Clinics, Hooray Health is providing Americans with easy access to simple, affordable, and accessible healthcare, and for us, that’s worth cheering about.