Why Americans are Choosing Urgent Care Clinics?

Why Americans are Choosing Urgent Care Clinics?

In the last ten years, there has been a boom in the number of urgent care and retail clinics popping up across the United States with the number currently exceeding 10,000 locations. This significant growth is because now more than ever, people are turning to urgent care and retail clinics for their basic medical needs. Every year, more and more Americans are turning on to the advantages that these facilities have, such as low wait times, convenient schedules, and affordable, high-quality medical care setting them apart from standard primary care physician and emergency room visits.  

At first glance, it may be difficult for some to understand why people would choose an urgent care or retail clinic over an established primary care practice or local hospital, but upon further inspection, the reasoning becomes increasingly evident. Those who visit an urgent care or retail clinic for acute injuries or illnesses typically report being satisfied with the amount of time they had to wait to see a physician, with the average wait time of these facilities hovering around 15 minutes compared to the average 2 hour wait time at the emergency room.  

Furthermore, those who choose these clinics enjoy the convenience that this health care option offers. Typically, these facilities have extended hours of operation compared to primary care doctors with some facilities remaining open till 9 or 10 p.m. with most locations open on weekends as well. This allows patients to receive care when they need it, avoiding long hospital waits or overbooked doctors who may take weeks to see them. 

Then, there’s the cost. As stated before, urgent care and retail clinics offer similar quality medical care as PCP’s or the ER, at a price that is affordable. In most cases, visits to urgent care or retail clinics cost roughly the same as a visit to your primary care physician, with a similar copay, and much less than a trip to the emergency room; many of these facilities accepting major insurance providers although those they cover may vary by location. 

And although, urgent care and retail clinics have their downsides, such as only being able to treat acute injuries and illnesses, and retail clinics lacking the lab equipment, x-ray machines, and other equipment that other larger practices may possess. These facilities treat patient’s basic medical needs every day, week after week, 52 weeks a year to make sure that those in their community receive the medical care they deserve without breaking the bank. 

Companies like Hooray Health recognize this dedication and understand the healthcare transition that is taking place, leading the way in affordable basic medical coverage. Partnered with over 2,500 urgent care and retail clinics in the United States, Hooray Health is the first of it’s kind, disrupting the industry standards, and bringing affordable to millions of Americans!  

A Note from CEO Shane Foss

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